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The Key to Inner Health Miracles - Part 2

Do you have good inner health? I am not referring to diagnosed mental health conditions here. I mean our natural inner health. The sense of awe and wonder that you were born with.

Have you lost it? Forgotten it? We are miracles of creation, we live in an amazingly, fascinating world of miracles. They surround us every day. Think now. Right now. Where are the miracles around you at this moment? What questions did you ask as a child?

Around me at this moment. I can glimpse the sea through my office window – a force of nature, currently calm, yet from whence all life that we know sprung forth (gosh am I getting poetic here?). I feel, however, an appreciation of this significant knowledge. I love to stand on the shore and just look out at the vast expanse. I love to hear the waves, the pebbles and the songs of birds circling above me. It gives me perspective on my life. Contentment. The seas connect to every continent on our globe, holding us together in unity. As a child I asked ‘How does the sea not fall off the earth?’ ‘Where did the sea come from?’ ‘Where did life in the sea start and why?’ Wonder.

I look across to Steve. It’s a miracle he is still alive and well. He manifested the impossible. Gratitude. He grins back at me igniting my smile. Love. The miracle of love – I sense that feeling spreading from my heart throughout my body. Two minutes ago, before I stopped to take notice of the miracles around me, I did not have or feel those feeling of appreciation, contentment, gratitude and love. I am so glad I did. As you do this exercise you will discover them too. As a result, your inner health will start to nourish your body, releasing helpful chemicals for rebalancing, renewing and repairing your physical body and mental health.

Find an image that represents the miracles of life that resonate with you and bring back those feelings of awe for life. It could be a natural land or seascape, a wonder of nature or abstract image capturing the miracles of life for you.

This is one reason people have photographs of their children and loved ones on the walls, desks or computer desktops. If the photographs also portray the person having fun (as opposed to the old fashioned static school portraits) it is even better. Photographs on show connect you back with the special moments in life. However, it can happen that because the same photographs are always on the same wall, we start to block them out and no longer notice them. This is why shops regularly change their window and end displays to catch the customers eye (especially frequent shoppers). This is also why they change where they keep certain stock from time to time. We moan that the store have changed where they keep the flour, but in our search for the trusty flour we find other goodies we had not noticed or had forgotten about.

So, take a moment to realise this and commit to making these changes to your photographs and miracle pictures regularly. This will keep your mind alert to the special memories and enable your inner health to be nourished by them.

“Nobody grows old merely by living a number of years. We grow old by deserting our ideals. Years may wrinkle the skin, but to give up enthusiasm wrinkles the soul.” Samuel Ullman

I conclude that good health comes from within and it not related to age, diagnosed conditions, illness or disability.

Wishing you optimum health!

Mandy Brown

P.S Here is part 1, if you missed it.

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