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Understanding Energy Healing: How it Penetrates Cells

Updated: Oct 8, 2022

I recently attended a three day conference on Bioenergetic Healing. I want to share with you one of the speaker's explanation regarding why your body, the chair you are sitting on, the world around you 'feels' solid, but isn't. It was an 'Ah, ah!' moment for me.

I knew that physicists explain that everything is energy, light and vibration - that solidity is an illusion. And, under powerful microscopes, a solid looking surface (such as your skin) is revealed to actually be a mass of vibrating cells and is made up of 99.99 % 'space' or aether. But, until I heard this speaker I had not fully comprehended why things 'feel' solid, yet aren't.

Think about approaching a tornado - that swirling mass of spiraling energy - a force field so strong that you can not walk through it. If you tried you would be pushed or spun off by its power. The tornado is reminiscent of the individual atom. All the atoms in our bodies are like nano tornadoes which together create the solid 'feeling'. We register the light reflecting off our our body and we feel the physical pushing back from the millions of mini tornadoes (our body's atoms) - all this gives us the feeling and illusion of solidity.

So why does that matter? It may help us to comprehend how energy healing can penetrate the body. The body is not 'fixed' in a permanent impenetrable solid state. Electricity, electromagnetic energy, light, and sound can and do flow through our bodies and into our biofields (measurable energy around our physical body). Observed external vibrations directed at the body can infuse and resonate with the body's energy fields. These can cause a change of expression and vibration within the body. During a healing session, selected, intended and directed healing energy waves are sent via the holistic healing practitioner to the client with the aim of causing change to occur in resonance with a healthier nature.

Let's encourage more scientific research to explain this fascinating reality which so many of us already knew happens (as we see the results), but can't fully explain.

Brightest Blessing


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