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About Us

Steve and Mandy Brown
Pure Channel Healing Healing Practitioners and The Pure Channel Healing Association 

In 1986 Steve was diagnosed with ‘terminal cancer’ and given three months to live. The doctor said they could not treat him as it was too late. Thus began Mandy and Steve’s remarkable  journey into regaining his health, leaning more about healing and exploring other options and perspectives.

After his astonishing and unbelievable recovery, Steve and Mandy became qualified spiritual healers. They have continued to help cancer patients and others in need of 'healing' ever since both privately and in NHS hospitals and hospices.


They are both committed to their passion of training and coaching others to be the best they can be as healers and spiritual beings.

Mandy says, "My mission in life is to 'touch the souls of others' by being the most inspiring, passionate, thought provoking trainer, author, speaker and communicator that I can be."

To further her understanding of the the body and mind she also studied psychology, nutrition, iridology, herbalism, swedish massage, aromatherapy and epigenetics. Steve has recently completed the Healing in Hospitals and Hospices course with the Sam Buxton Sunflower Healing Trust.


Mandy and Steve (with P Haggett) set up the Pure Channel Healing Association in 2002 to promote the awareness of a deeper form of healing. Their initial project was funded by grants from the Lottery Fund and Community Chest. They now concentrate delivering training - NOS Healing Courses, CPD courses for Healers and help to set up various research studies into the effectiveness of healing and, of course, they continue to offer healing upon request. 

Mandy has written several inspirational books related to healing and self development. 

Look out for Mandy and Steve's talks as the keynote speakers at national Healing Conferences.

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Steve Brown and Mandy Brown offer their services as individual Healing Practitioners and Trainers under their partnership company called Pure Channel Healing (which operates under the umbrella company: Mandy and Steve Brown Sign Language and Communication Services.)

The Pure Channel Healing Association is run by its members and follows who follow a set of aims laid out in its Constitution and a Code of Conduct.

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