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         Pure Channel Healing Association

         Continuing Professional & Personal Development


What is CPD?
  • Continuing - a process of learning from the point of basic qualification.

  • Professional - related to healing/ therapy and its issues, which enable you to work in a professional manner.

  • Development - activities that facilitate both the maintenance and deepening of your personal and professional abilities.


Pure Channel Healing Association (PCHA) requires that you complete 20 hours of CPD each year. If you have done a lot of CPD in one year you can carry the hours over to the following year.
CPD is a mandatory part of Healing Practitioner Membership and will enrich your life through offering challenges and interests as you continue to work and provide opportunities to deliver a professional service.
CPD gives you the opportunity to achieve greater recognition of your profession.

Standards for CPD

In choosing to join PCHA as a Healing Practitioner or Tutor you agree to:

  • maintain a continuous, up-to-date and accurate record of your CPD activities;

  • demonstrate that your CPD activities are a mixture of learning activities relevant to current or future practice;

  • seek to ensure that your CPD is an enhancement to your practice;

  • seek to ensure that your CPD benefits your clients;

  • PCHA requires that you complete 20 hours CPD each year;


This means that you also agree to:

  • Keep paper or digital copies of your CPD for five years;

  • Make your CPD a mixture of different kinds of activities - not just one kind of learning - and that it is relevant to your work. (It can be relevant to your current role or a planned future role);

  • Add your CPD to PCHA website/email your Record Sheet to PCHA once you complete it;

  • Use CPD as a tool to maintain and improve the quality of your work;


PCHA standards for CPD include the following:

  • You make your own decisions about the kinds of CPD activity that are relevant to your work.

  • CPD activities can include going on secondment, in-service training, mentoring, reading, writing or reviewing journal articles.

A Flexible Approach

Our flexible approach means that your CPD can take into account how you work, whether part-time or full-time, in private practice or the NHS. You could meet our standards by taking part in a scheme run by your professional body or your employer. Or you could structure your own CPD activities around your personal development plan. Our standards mean that you can plan your CPD activity to take account of your changing needs.

The Way it Works

For each year of your PCHA membership you will choose activities to fulfil a minimum of 20 hours CPD, 50% of which should be dedicated to the healing modality in which you are qualified. The remaining 50% could be for furthering your business in the wider sense such as marketing, first aid or developing listening skills etc.
The CPD year runs from 1st January to 30th December. Please vary the activities you do each year and include at least two categories in each year. In the following year choose from different categories - i.e. don't limit your ways of learning.

CPD Portfolio

Maintain an ongoing Portfolio of your CPD activities as and when you engage/complete them and to assist you in identifying your learning needs. This will enable you to monitor your own development each year. CPD is mandatory for PCHA Membership.

CPD Record Sheet

Your record sheet should refer to all the CPD activities you have undertaken. Keep copies of your CPD so you can demonstrate that you have undertaken the CPD activities you refer to.

CPD Categories

Activities from at least 2 categories should be chosen, taking at least 20 hours over any one year. These activities are for guidance and are not set in stone. If you have participated in something, which has been of value to you, and you're not sure if it qualifies, please let us know.

Category 1:  Short Courses/Workshops on Professional Issues

Courses/Workshops completed in areas of special interest relevant to your work, expanding your way of thinking, or deepening your understanding of a related subject. This could include reading healing books, attending evening talks, courses and workshops.

Category 2:  Seminars, Conferences and Annual General Meetings

Conferences that are organised locally, nationally, internationally.

Category 3:  Study for Further Qualifications

Advanced Diploma Courses, Certificated Courses.

Category 4:  Encouraging the Development of Others

  • Running a workshop;

  • Giving a talk/presentation at a conference or to an interest group;

  • Writing a book review;

  • Writing an article;

  • Organizing a peer group for sharing/discussion;

  • Giving some time to listen to another practitioner who may have a difficulty;

  • Producing a newsletter or promotional material;

  • Running a healing study.

Category 5:  Active Committee Work for a Professional Body Related to your Work

  • Being a secretary;

  • Being on a working party;

  • Helping at a conference.


Category 6:  Personal/Professional Development

  • Personal therapy (psychotherapy, counselling, physical therapy);

  • Talking with another professional to gain some insight;

  • Having supervision.


Category 7:  Formal Training

Where a formal training course in excess of 50 hours has been taken in a year, a member may make a written request to the PCHA Secretary for a variation in the subsequent year's CPD requirement to maintain compliance with the PCHA Standards.

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