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Connect with the Angels Course

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Connect with the Angels

Who or what are 'angels'? Why would you work with angels? How can they transform your life and health? How do we know they exist and can communicate with us? These and many  more questions will be explored and answered. 


We have worked closely with these beings more many years in meditations, trance channelling and in rituals for spiritual development, knowledge and healing. We have developed trusting relationships with nine of the teaching and healing archangels and angels. We always work with connection to the source via our higher selves and for the greatest good with many surprises and miracles along the way.  We feel it is now time to share this knowledge with you. If you have found this course, it is a good indication that you have been guided to us. Welcome sister/brother. It is time to awaken or deepen your understanding and connection.


Contact Mandy for further details.


Please note that following this course you may be invited to share with us in an experiential Angelic Ritual. This will help you to connect, at the deepest level, with one of the Angels working personally with you.

Course Syllabus

Currently being updated. See more information here .

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