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Pure Channel Healing Association 

Members of Pure Channel Healing Association (PCHA) mission is to raise awareness within the general public so that ultimately holistic healing practitioners are recognized as professionals so that it becomes accepted and common practice that holistic healing practitioners work alongside doctors, nurses and other health professional in the medical and social care facilities and units.

The aims of Pure Channel Healing Association (PCHA) are:

  1. To promote greater awareness and understanding within the general public, the medical profession and the social care profession of the valuable role a professional holistic healing practitioner can play in a patient's or client’s healing process or palliative care. 

  2. To hold conference retreat events or similar that brings holistic healing practitioners, medical health professionals and non- medical professionals together by sharing research, understanding and experiences.

  3. To deliver Continuing Professional and Personal Development courses and activities which are relevant, inspiring and enjoyable to holistic healing practitioners.

  4. To foster better connection, mutual support and appreciation between all members of different healing modalities and practices.

  5. To encourage all our members to participate in research studies, teaching or another activity related to the healing practice which they individually offer.




Further information on how we will do this and more details about the support which will be available to you as a member will be sent after your application has been approved.


Pure Channel Healing Association (PCHA) was originally formed in 2002 to champion a lottery funded educational project in rural Shropshire about the benefits of a deeper form of spiritual healing. 


Prior to this in 1986, two of the main pioneers had had first hand experience of being given a terminal diagnosis with no hope of recovery offered. Steve was diagnosed with stage IV metastatic cancer and sent home with three months to live. For the full story see Nipples to Kneecaps - to die or not to die with cancer


What followed was research, an examination of the choices open to them and a decision to design their unique 'Beat Cancer Plan', with energy healing as an integral part. Following Steve's miraculous recovery, Mandy and Steve continued to explore different forms of healing in their efforts to understand what had happened, the how and the why. During their 30 plus years of learning, they both qualified as healing practitioners and teachers in a variety of healing therapies and techniques.

Following the launch of the Pure Channel Healing Association (PCHA), and as new insights and knowledge came to light in the medical, science and the complementary therapy fields, Mandy and Steve have practiced and taught a reflective and evolving syllabus incorporating such findings.


In order to help the range of complementary healers, therapists and practitioners to connect together and to encourage them with ways to look after their own health, Mandy developed the popular eight weeks Heal the Healer course - which worked on sharing insights and practices to benefit all - thus creating a great support network between different healing modalities and practitioners. 

Individually, Steve and Mandy still offer appointments as healing practitioners under the name Pure Channel Healing for one to one healing in their own private practice in Seaton, Devon. 

The Future:

Now based in Devon, the Pure Channel Healing Association (PCHA) has relaunched with the focus of being at the forefront of supporting healing practitioners to set up and share their own studies, create better connections between members in different modalities, to provide valued and recognized NOS courses for people who wish to become approved Healing Practitioners and to provide ongoing CPD for all holistic healing practitioners. 


On successful completion of the course and/or our CPD model of training we hope that each healing practitioner will be able to create and apply for paid positions within NHS hospitals, hospices, surgeries and clinics, withing social care settings and/or work in their own private practice. 

Pure Channel Healing is currently running two studies on behalf of the PCHA: 

1) Healing Therapy Study: The Effects of Healing to Improve the Wellbeing of Residents in a Care Home for People with Dementia

2) The Effects of Healing to Improve the Wellbeing of People with PTSD

All members within the PCHA are encouraged (with guidance and tuition) to run their own studies. We have a closed support forum focused on research. If you have an idea for a research study please contact Mandy.


If you would like to participate as patient or healer please contact Mandy

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