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Womb Healing

Embrace the Power Within: Womb Healing, Your Path to Renewal and Radiance!
  • Embrace the power within - reconnect with your sacred womb

  • Release trauma - nurture wholeness for emotional wellbeing

  • Honour your ancestors - healing intergenreational patterns

  • Embrace your fertility - nurturing the seed of life

  • Nurture the seeds of creativity and transformation

  • Reawaken your connection and sensual enjoyment

  • Release harmful sexual experiences and emotional attachments

  • Spiritual energy healing with channelled guidance

  • Focused healing on your womb and reproductive system

  • Optional shamanic rituals to connect, purify and reconcile

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Womb Healing
The superhero for your reproductive system and the womb's command center!

For those with chronic womb woes like endometriosis or PCOS, Womb Healing swoops in like a caped crusader, providing temporary relief and easing those pesky symptoms.

Calling all pregnancy warriors! Womb Healing is here to support you through the trials and tribulations. From infertility battles to postpartum triumphs, it's your trusty sidekick on the journey of creation.

But wait, there's more! Even if you're not planning a bun in the oven or your circumstances won't allow it, Womb Healing has your back. It's a superhero for heavy, absent, or irregular periods and can even lend a helping hand during procedures like hysterectomies. Now that's what we call a versatile champion!

Join the Womb Healing revolution and embark on an extraordinary adventure of restoration. Get ready to unleash your inner superhero and embrace a life of balance, bliss, and belly laughs!

What is involved in womb healing?

It is important for women to discuss their concerns with healthcare professionals who can provide guidance, support, and appropriate medical interventions based on their specific circumstances.

Womb healing explained:

Womb healing is a holistic approach to supporting and restoring the well-being of the female reproductive system, with a particular focus on the uterus or womb. It encompasses various practices, therapies, and rituals that address emotional, energetic, and physical aspects of healing.

The concept of womb healing is rooted in the belief that the uterus holds and retains emotional and energetic imprints from past experiences, including trauma, grief, or unresolved emotions. These imprints can impact a woman's overall health, fertility, and well-being. By acknowledging and addressing these imprints, it is believed that one can promote healing and balance within the body. Womb healing practices can vary, but they often involve creating a nurturing and sacred space to honor the womb.


Unlock the healing potential within your womb. Experience the transformative power of "Womb Healing" to address challenges and restore your reproductive well-being.

Our holistic practices, therapies, and rituals offer support and balance for those facing womb-related issues.

Release emotional and energetic burdens, find solace, and embrace a renewed sense of harmony. Reclaim your vitality and embark on a path to healing.

Womb Healing is a specialist area for me (Mandy). I offer two different types of sessions:

  • A series focusing on spiritual and energy healing with channelled guidance.

  • A series of shamanic and spiritual interactive sessions connecting with your womb and the ancestors to heal past traumas. These may involve some prior preparation on your part.

  • For an example of possible Womb Healing session content click here.

Contact Us to begin your personalized journey today.

Email me for details about direct BACS payment or select option Womb Healing in Plans & Prices.

£100 for a single session. £570 for a series of six.

Note we will still need to chat via email to discuss appointment availability.

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