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Oct/Nov 2023 tbd



Introductory Trance Training Day

Pathways to Enlightenment: Uncover Your Trance Channelling Potential at our Training Day!

Introductory Trance Training Day
Introductory Trance Training Day

Time & Location

Oct/Nov 2023 tbd

Seaton, Seaton, UK

About The Event

Welcome to Your Journey to Empowerment and Spiritual Connection

In this transformative introductory course, you will embark on a remarkable journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Prepare to connect with the deepest essence of your being and tap into your inner power. Throughout the course, you will learn to distinguish and embrace the subtle nuances between various trance states, each offering unique insights and revelations.

Unlock the door to heightened awareness as you explore working through your higher self, basking in the wisdom of inspirational insights during light trance experiences. Dive deeper into the realms of mediumship, where the influence of spirit guides gently guides your path during medium trance states.

Feel the magic unfold as you delve into fuller blending, reaching profound depths during deep trance mediumship. Discover the beauty of connecting with your spiritual guides, cultivating a profound relationship that will pave the way for you to channel their messages and guidance.

This course is your key to a profound spiritual connection and the gateway to exploring the boundless potentials of your own consciousness. Let us guide you on this transformative expedition to embrace your innate gifts and awaken your spiritual channelling abilities. Begin your journey to empowerment and spiritual connection with us today at Pure Channel Healing!


  • Introductory Trance Training

    Pathways to Enlightenment: Uncover Your Trance Channeling Potential at our Training Day!




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