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How to Deal with Your Pain

The secret to pain management that you wish someone had told you.

Your physical body reacts when you are out of alignment - be that due to misaligned muscles, fascia, bones, or misaligned thoughts, emotions or spiritual desires and purpose. Follow the simple four steps below to turn off your pain.

When pain hits, ask yourself, ‘Where am I misaligned?’ Here are the four simple checks I wish I had discovered earlier in my life:

● First, check your muscles and body for tension, over stretching, or tightness. Do this by mentally scanning your body from toe to head and become aware of any tense and tight (misaligned) muscles in areas other than your main site of pain.

Breathe in and out at least four times, making your exhales longer in duration than your inhales. On those exhales focus on relaxing those misaligned muscles areas.

Next, allow your breathing cycle to relax the whole body by breathing in for a count of four and out for a count of eight.

● Second, check your thoughts. Just prior or recently (during the last few days) to your pain manifesting, what thought was the worry worm, the repeated record of concern going around your head? What has been on your mind and in your thoughts that you find stressful? Catch the main thought and say, ‘I was thinking about/worrying about….’

Acknowledge those misaligned thoughts but do not follow any down the rabbit hole or onto the merry go round. Instead, consciously breathe into your head space making your exhales longer than the inhales. Repeat this calming cycle at least four times.

Next be aware of the energy field around your physical body extending several centimetres beyond your physical body. Some call this the aura. Breathe in for a count of four and with your exhale, for a count of eight, fill this space around your body. Allow it to breathe and expand with ease. Repeat this cycle at least four times, filling your mind with peace and calm.

● Third, check your emotions. What was your emotional state just prior to the onset of

pain? Recently, what has been your most stressful emotion or most upsetting repeated one? This may be linked to your thoughts, but try to form it into a sentence starting, ‘I felt…(sad, rejected, guilty etc)’.

Now, focus solely on breathing into your heart on a count of four and out for a count of eight. Do this cycle of loving and nurturing breathing for at least four times.

● Fourth, check your spirit and soul. Reflect on your innermost knowing, highest ideal, soul’s purpose, mission, plan. What makes you feel whole, divine, at peace?

Whatever answers rise up for you in those moments acknowledge their eternal nature or simply affirm, ‘I am that I am. All is well.’

Breathe in for a count of eight and out for a count of eight. Repeat this cycle - connecting with your eternal being and divine love - at least four times.

Your inner being - the real eternal you - does not know pain. Your physical body (as a communicating vessel) alerts you to your misalignment in relation to your body, mind, emotions or spiritual path by the manifestation of what we call pain.

So,hopefully, now as you achieve realignment by following the steps above, your physical body and mind are able to match that pain free state of your eternal being.

Wishing you optimum health, peace and love,

Mandy Brown

Pure Channel Healing

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